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Our Approach

Estate Planning is important for every stage of life! You can utilize your estate plan for the following stages of life:

  • during life while you are healthy;
  • during life if you become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions;
  • at death; and
  • after death.

Less than 50% of people have completed planning their estate. Yet, often is the case that time has run out to do anything by the time estate planning documents are needed. You can plan for children, retirement, risk and creditors, and plan to take advantage of tax deferred or exempt vehicles.


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Why You Need Estate Planning

  • Reason #1: To provide for your loved ones.
  • Reason #2: To avoid the expense and delay associated with the probate process.
  • Reason #3: To promote family cohesiveness and minimize family disputes.
  • Reason #4: To plan for the unfortunate event of mental Incapacity. You still have a say in who cares for you and your estate.
  • Reason #5: To communicate your wishes.

Why People Avoid Estate Planning

  • Reason #1: “I don’t really have any money or assets, so it’s not important to have a will.” You work, invest, and budget because money matters whether you have a lot or a little. What may seem like a hassle, may be simpler than you think. It's important to take an inventory of what you legally own. Also, if you have minor children, you need a plan that addresses their care if anything happens to you, specifically who would raise them in the event of your death, take care of them in the short term if there was an accident, and how you would want them raised by the people you’ve chosen as guardians.
  • Reason #2:“I’m young and have plenty of time to do this.” There are few guarantees in life. Your family will thank you for taking the time to express your wishes and protect them. 
  • Reason #3: "My situation is complicated and involved." This is precisely why you need a plan! Otherwise, the probate court will make all of the tough decisions for you without any input from you. If you are not comfortable with the state courts, which do not know you or your loved ones personally, making all of the important decisions for you and your family, then schedule a consultation today. 
  • Reason #4: “I completed my will a few years ago.” Excellent! Please remember to update your will every five (5) years or simultaneously with life changes (i.e. divorce, adoption, births, etc.). These documents must be kept updated. 
  • Reason #5: “I can’t afford to plan.” The first phone consultation is to determine whether you need to plan. If you need to plan, we offer flat fee prices that are affordable. 

Flat Fee Plan Packages

Estate Planning packages require a 50% deposit, with the remainder to be paid upon execution of the documents. Payment plans with automatic drafts are available with demonstrated need.

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Will Plan

Your Will Plan Includes

  • Will
  • Health Care Directives
  • Durable Power of Attorney so you know that you are well taken care of if anything happens. 
  • Children Emergency Protection Plan to state your desires for guardians and the rearing of your children.
  • Schedule a consultation for an exact quote. 
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Trust Plan

Your Trust Plan includes

  • Living Trust
  • Will
  • Health Care Directives
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • One Deed
  • Funding Letters & guidance and support.
  • Emergency Children Protection Plan for your children will be included if you have minor children or a Protective Trusts for adult children.
  • Schedule a consultation for an exact quote. 
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Items Prices Separately

All items can be priced separately. Call our office at 386-232-8447.